Starting Ammo: 30
Max Ammo: 30 (36 with Masterkey)
Cost: 950 (Mystery Box) or 1200 (Wall [Wii])

 The AUG is an Austrian assault rifle that is available in all the maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies through the Mystery Box on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and can be bought off the wall on the Wii for 1,200 points. It is seen with the Swarovski Scope. It comes with 30 rounds per magazine and 270 rounds in reserve ammunition.


Pack-a-Punching the AUG becomes the "AUG-5OM3" and an underbarrel Masterkey will be attached. The Masterkey Shotgun comes with 36 rounds and can kill Hellhounds with one shot up to at least level 25.

The Swarovski Scope comes with a yellow lens, but it is hard to notice on most maps due to poor lighting.


  • The AUG's Pack-a-Punched name, "AUG 50M3", is a play on of the word "AWESOME".
  • The Masterkey reloads two shells at a time, like The Raid.
  • The AUG for the Wii is available off the wall for 1,200 points and acquirable through the Mystery Box. Ammo is purchasable off the wall thanks to a patch.
  • Nukles hints--the AUG, pack-a-punched or not , should never be your first line of defense. The power isn't all there ,and you'll run out of ammo within 1 round


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