The Weasel
250px-Arthur Arlington BOII
Vital statistics
Title Albert 'Weasel' Arlington
Gender Male
Race White American
Faction Mobsters/ Theif
Health 100
Level Mob of the Dead
Status Deceased, Alive (purgatory, regardless)
Location Alcatraz Island

-"Rejection hurts. But it's not the worst it, Albert? What really hurts be ignored. You know how that feels better than anyone, don't ya? Sure they want you for your skills, for your expertise, but only on their terms. They don't care what else you have to offer. How different you could be...if only they noticed you. Is that why you lie to them? Why you promise things you can't deliver? Be careful,Al, one day your promises may come back and bite you."- -Albert Arlington

-"They all see you the same way don't they, Al. They see a weasel... a rat... You're a survivor, Al, no shame in that.

-Albert Arlington

Albert Arlington, commonly referred to as the Weasel, is a playable character in Mob of the Dead, and is a prisoner stuck in Alcatraz for being a conman.

Background Edit

Albert Arlington was a money handler in Salvatore "Sal" DeLuca's Mob. Arlington was also a conman. Billy Handsome said he could con people out of their souls. Arlington was found to be involved in a heist which lead to his imprisonment on Alcatraz Island along with other members of Sal's mob. On Midnight of New Year's Eve, 1931, Albert devised a plan to escape Alcatraz by creating a makeshift plane and flying to the Golden Gate Bridge. However the night they tried to escape the prison became overrun by zombies. Albert and Finn being slaughtered. While Sal and Billy were trying to escape, Billy not being able to keep up with Sal was left behind and killed by zombies as Sal makes his escape zombies appear out of nowhere swarm and kill him and joined his friends in the Afterlife. But the audio logs present in Pop Goes The Weasel (the maps' main easter egg) say that the plan was never executed due to complications. Feeling cheated, The group made makeshift weapons, led Arlington up to the roof and brutally murdered him then left him there to bleed. Justice was served on January 19th 1934 when the group was sentenced to the electric chair which send them into a time-loop in the Afterlife in A Hell-Induced version of Alcatraz. If the mobsters kill Albert again after remembering their plan from the past life "the cycle continues" and the events of Mob of the Dead occur again. But if Albert kills the mobsters 'The cycle is broken" in which the storyline continues

Trivia Edit

  • The Icarus was designed by him, in his journal, which is also the loading screen for the map.
  • He claims that the name "Nikolai" is familiar to him. This is a reference to Nikolai Belinski
  • He likes to draw comics
  • He is holding Electric Cherry in the picture
  • Albert appears to have Heterochromia Iridum as he has two different color eyes. The right being blue and the left being green

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