Awakening is the first Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It was released on February 2, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, March 3, 2016 for the Xbox One and PC, April 5, 2016 for the PlayStation 3, and May 5, 2016 for the Xbox 360. It is available for $14.99 at the PlayStation Store, Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and Steam. It contains 4 Multiplayer maps and 1 Zombies map.

Maps Edit

Multiplayer Edit

Skyjacked Edit

Skyjacked is a remake of the fan-favorite map Hijacked from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map is set onboard a futuristic police airship overlooking Zürich. It is almost identical to its predecessor and features new wall running spots and a new entrance to the bottom level of the map.

Rise Edit

The map features a classic three lane layout with a middle choke point area and lots of narrow pathways.

Splash Edit

Splash is set in a vibrant and colorful abandoned waterpark in the U.S. The over the top and varied map design makes it a frantic and fast paced map. The multiple waterslides encircling the map all converge on one spot, forming "choke-point" in the middle of the map. Although it is set in an abandoned waterpark, there are still a few, small underwater areas available for the player to swim through. Medium to Long range weaponry is well suited for this map.

Gauntlet Edit

It is a large, very unique and well designed map. There are actually four environments within the map but three of them being the lanes. A jungle terrain, a snowy area and an urban setting as well as the interiors and exteriors of the military facility being the starting point of the match.

Zombies Edit

Der Eisendrache Edit

Der Eisendrache is a large Zombies map. It introduces the Tram, Elemental Bows, and the Ragnarok DG-4, with weapons such as the Monkey Bomb returning. Panzer Soldats return as the boss of the map, with Hellhounds and the Apothicon boss in the map as well. The Plunger is also introduced, and Der Wunderfizz returns. New electroshock defenses appear, as well as Der Wundersphere for transportation.

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