B23R Menu Icon BOII
Starting Ammo: 15
Max Ammo: 15 + 105
Cost: 750-1000

The B23R is a 3 round pistol first featured as a wall bought weapon on the roof of the bus in TranZit. It is unavailable in Town and Farm. The B23R was later featured in Nuketown Zombies, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Buried, and Origins. In most maps it costs 1000 points to purchase, but on Buried and Origins is available for only 900 (or 750 during a solo game in Origins).

In Origins, an Extended Clip variant of the B23R can be found in the Mystery Box. The B23R has 15 bullets per magazine (24 with Extended Clip) with 105 bullets in reserve (or 168).


When PAP'ed it becomes the B34R, and becomes completely automatic, with an improved capacity of 20 rounds; the B34R Extended Clip holds 30 rounds. The B34R is a fairly effective weapon. It's redeeming qualities are speedy handling traits characteristic of pistols, low recoil, and the ability to purchase ammo. It is recommended players Pack-A-Punch the B23R, due to its profound improvement in functionality.

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