"What's the matter? Can't escape your own guilt? Do you feel it? Deep down, nagging, eating away at you? Is that really what you want? What do you think will be waiting for you when you get out, Sal? You think the city will be just as you left it?"
―Billy Handsome.
"Am I stuck here, until I see the error of my ways? Until I repent? Well, you're gonna have to wait a long time, because I don't regret A damn thing"
―Billy Handsome

Billy Handsome is a playable character in Mob of the Dead, and is a prisoner in Alcatraz Island, who was arrested for over 100 counts of murder. He worked for Salvatore DeLuca.


Billy looked up to Salvatore DeLuca and Michael "Finn" O'Leary and wanted to work for Salvatore DeLuca. He took care of the "dirty work" that Sal did not participate in, and specialized in dealing with Sal's enemies in gruesome ways that would make the headlines. He was eventually convicted of 116 counts of murder, leading to his imprisonment on Alcatraz Island.[1]

While in Alcatraz, Billy and his fellow mobsters were talked into escaping the prison by Albert Arlington, who had devised a plan to fly off the roof of the prison in a makeshift plane designed by himself. The plan did not work out and the mobsters blamed Arlington for the plan's failure. Feeling cheated, Billy, Sal and Finn crafted weapons and lured Arlington onto the roof, where they brutally murdered him.

For the murder of Arlington, Billy and the other two mobsters were sentenced to death by electric chair. Their execution came on the morning of January 19th, 1934.

With no memory of the escape plan's failure and the murder of Arlington, Billy, Sal and Finn awoke in Alcatraz again, and once again attempted to escape. Before they could even make it out of the cell block, however, zombies attacked them, killing Arlington and Finn. Billy and Sal worked together to try and survive, but Billy does not keep up with Sal and Sal cuts off Billy's escape by locking him in the cell block to keep the zombies occupied. Billy was killed by the zombies and taken to the Afterlife, where he would revive himself and team up with the other three once again to attempt Arlington's escape plan, this time trapped inside a hellish iteration of Alcatraz Prison, inhabited entirely by zombies.

Billy and the rest of the mobsters learn of their failure to escape the prison and the brutal murder of Arlington in the real world. Upon learning this, they set out to kill him again. Whether they succeed is entirely player-determined. After they succeed in killing Arlington, the cycle restarts all over again with the same events repeating exactly the same way, with them having no memory of what happened. If Billy and the rest of the mobsters are killed, then the cycle is broken. 


  • He strongly dislikes Sniper Rifles.
  • Ray Liotta, a well known mobster-actor, portrays Handsome.



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