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Starting Ammo: Normal: 1 (2 upgraded)
Max Ammo: Acid: 3 (3 upgraded)
Cost: 950 from Mystery Box or 0 from finding the 5 skulls

 The Blundergat is a new Wonder Weapon featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II zombies map Mob of the Dead. It is based on civil war-era weaponry, consisting of ideas from the both the Blunderbuss and Gatling gun. Normally, it acts like a single-shot break action shotgun, but when upgraded, it becomes The Sweeper, with a 2 round magazine and 120 ammo in reserve.

When combined with the Acid Gat Kit, it becomes the Acidgat. It has an automatic 3-round magazine. When a zombie is shot while in its upgraded form, they will be stuck with an acid infused round which explodes soon after. When this version Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Vitriolic Withering which attracts zombies before it explodes, similar to the upgraded Crossbow and Monkey Bomb.

There is two ways of obtaining the gun, with one being from the mystery box, and the other is from finding five hidden skulls throughout the map using Afterlife, then obtaining them by throwing the Hell's Retriever  at the skulls, and from that point proceed to the Warden's Office where there will spawn a Blundergat on his desk.

If you use the Acid Gat Kit on the upgraded BlunderGat (The Sweeper), you automatically get the Vitriolic Withering instead of the Acid Gat.



  • The Vitriolic Withering starts to make crawlers at around rounds 30-33.
  • This is the first wonder weapon that can be upgraded three times.

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