Template:Weapon The CZ75 is a Czechoslovakian pistol in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies game mode. It is possible to recieve it from the Mystery Box on all Call of Duty Black Ops zombies maps excluding Dead Ops Arcade.

With Dual-Wield, it can be fairly effective, despite its medium damage. Due to its high reserve ammunition, if one pistol is fired at a time, so that the other reloads while the other is shot, fire can be sustained indefinitely. However, some players may dislike the Dual-Wield due to the fact it cannot ADS (aim down sights). This means many shots will miss and therefore be wasted, somewhat canceling out the advantage of the increased ammo.

Calamity and JaneEdit

If the CZ75 is upgraded with the Dual Wield attachment, it will become the "Calamity and Jane" (for the left and right pistols respectively). They receive the full auto attachment, 20 rounds per magazine, more damage, and more maximum ammo. While they are very powerful and fire fast, accuracy is still an issue that hinders medium to long range usage. Also when upgraded, the ability for the player to run faster is given. If it is upgraded without the dual wield attachment, the CZ75 is called "Calamity". This version also has higher damage, full auto, 20 per mag, and more ammo.

Dual Wield side note: This was the primary reason for the widely criticised perk, Deadshot Daquiri to exist.


Calamity and jane