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"The very first iPhone Call of Duty is in fact not a gritty war game on the beaches of Normandy, but instead a horror-shooter based on the zombie mode from World of War."


Call of Duty: Zombies (originally known as Call of Duty: World at War: ZombiesCall of Duty: ZOMBIES, and now as Call of Duty: Zombies) is a spin-off game of the Call of Duty series based on the widely popular Nazi Zombies mode of Call of Duty: World at War. The game allows for multiplayer cooperative gameplay locally via an ad hoc Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network, or globally through the internet. Originally, the game supported downloadable content, in the form of Verrückt and Shi No Numa. However, a future update made the two maps free.[1] The game later had a sequel, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.


On February 11, 2010, Verrückt became available for in-app purchase for US$4.99/£2.99. On June 2, Shi No Numa was released for the same price.

On June 3, 2010, Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II came out for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the same app as the original, but instead comes with Shi No Numa instead of Nacht der Untoten, saving the user US$4.99/£2.99 if they were only going to play Shi No Numa. Nacht Der Untoten is downloadable through Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies II for the price of US$4.99/£2.99, but buying this map would make the two apps the same.

On September 30, 2010, an update included Der Riese for free, and made all previous maps free as well (no refunds were given for previous downloads). The app also changed its name to Call of Duty: ZOMBIES. Also the price of the app dropped from US $9.99 to US $4.99 (In Europe €3,99). The name was later changed again to its current name.

Call of Duty: ZOMBIES HD, available only on the iPad, contained the maps Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt upon purchase.


The goal of the game is the same as the console version, to survive the unending hordes of zombies for as many rounds as possible. Unlike the console version, players can change the difficulty to either Recruit, giving the player more health, or Regular, just like the console version. Zombies will walk, run, or crawl toward players and try to attack and kill them. Zombies can be killed in the same ways the player does in the console version:

  • Shooting them
  • Melee attack them with the knife
  • Throw grenades
  • Bouncing Betties
  • Traps (not available on Nacht Der Untoten)

The zombies will knock down barriers from windows or from walls to get to the players. These barricades can be easily repaired by players. There are also weapons from chalk outlines on the walls and the Mystery Box where weapons can be bought using the points awarded from killing zombies, and/or repairing barricades. Points can also be used to buy new areas in the map, power-ups and trap usage, however, the perks and traps are not available in Nacht der Untoten. The maps are almost completely the same as the console versions. The layout is exactly the same, but there are some differences in appearances. For example, the console version of Nacht Der Untoten has several shrubs and other foliage outside the building. In the this version, there is a forest of dead trees with no bushes in sight. Also, Der Riese has noticeably dense fog throughout the map, making it difficult to see very far. On this version, some weapons reload faster and some reload slower due to certain weapons like the Thompson and Gewehr 43 not needing to be cocked back after the magazine is emptied. However, on the downside, the STG-44 and MP40 will always have to be cocked back even when the magazine is not emptied.


There are three control schemes included with Call of Duty: Zombies. All three involve using a virtual control stick to move the character around and a button on the right for aiming down the sights. The default touch screen, aims by using the right thumb to manipulate the screen. The dual stick method is similar, but in this mode the player uses a second virtual stick to aim. The tilt method takes advantage of the iPhone/iPod Touch's built-in accelerometer. To switch the player's view, simply tilt the device left or right. Because of the stiffness of the controls, all weapons have received a damage boost.


The weapons currently featured in Call of Duty: Zombies are:

  • Colt M1911 — Fast rate of fire, very low damage, average recoil, swift reload.
  • .357 Magnum — One shot kill up until around round 20, high recoil and damage, swift reload.
  • MP-40 — Decent fire rate with medium damage and recoil, swift reload.
  • PTRS-41 (Un-scoped) — Slow fire rate with extremely high damage and low recoil, slow reload.
  • Gewehr 43 — Decent fire rate with medium damage and low recoil, average reload.
  • Browning M1919 — High fire rate with high damage and little recoil, very slow reload and very large ammunition capacity.
  • M1897 Trench Gun — Very slow rate of fire, very high damage with little recoil, pump-action, slow reload.
  • PPSh-41 — Very high rate of fire and medium damage, killing with a single headshot until around round 16, average reload.
  • STG-44 — Decent rate of fire with medium damage and negligible recoil, slow reload.
  • M2 Flamethrower — No recoil at all, continuous high flame damage; requires cool down after use. No aiming reticle at all. Also available in the Sniper Cabinet for 2,000 points in Nacht der Untoten.
  • Ray Gun —Very high damage, low recoil, and slow traveling laser beams. No splash damage, average reload, one shot kill until round 19.
  • Thundergun - Very high damage, low recoil, fast shock wave, slow reload
  • Springfield — Slow bolt cycling, medium damage, medium recoil, average reload. Only available in Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt.
  • MG42 — Very high RoF, high damage, moderate recoil, average reload and very large ammunition capacity.
  • M1 Garand — Medium RoF, high damage, little recoil, average reload speed. Unlike the console version, the Rifle Grenades attachment is not available.
  • Kar98k — Slow bolt cycling, low damage, average recoil and reload speed.
  • M1 Carbine — Fast RoF, decent damage, low recoil and average reload speed.
  • Thompson — High rate of fire, high recoil, high damage, and very fast reload.
  • Double-barreled shotgun (sawed off and non-sawed off) — High rate of fire, extremely high damage, high recoil and slow reload.
  • FG-42 — Very high fire rate, high damage, average recoil and reload speed.
  • BAR — Low rate of fire, high damage, average recoil and reload speed.
  • Arisaka — Slow bolt cycling, low damage, average recoil and reload speed. Only available in Shi No Numa. Very similar to the Kar98k.
  • Knife — Kills zombies in the number of rounds passed divided by two on Regular difficulty. One hit kill up to round 5 on Recruit difficulty, only round 1 on regular.
  • Type 100 — Average RoF, medium damage, very low recoil and very fast reload.
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2 — Infinite damage, can kill up to 10 zombies with one bolt; minor splash damage; magazine of three. Only available in Shi No Numa and Der Riese.

Walkthrough & Rules Edit

Beneath is a list of survival techniques, which are x-fold, that zombies players must take, if they want to break through all of the difficulties of the game, and reach their desired round, be it round fifty, or round two-hundred and fifty.

As a foreword, I DO stress the term X-fold, since the number of these techniques, and the objectives they imply may change, as a player may do more or less than what is on this list, and still get through all of zombies.

How To Get Any Round In Cod Zombies (without cheating):

-3. Call Of Duty: Zombies is is full of indirect and discrete outcomes, which occur in response to your behavior, believe it or not. Know this, and know the chaos it can lead to, for the game's AI and software mechanics DO get chaotic, along with the mechanics of the game. Sometimes, hit registry is off. Sometimes, everything is off for no reason. Why? Ghost in the machine. The code. Just. Changes. Sometimes. To go beyond that is to go in the realm of computer algorithms, which is something that has nothing to do with this, beyond knowing that the most prime and influential algorithms of this game are designed to exploit your every weakness. If the game cannot out-pace you, it will out-pace you. If it cannot out-strategize, it will rely on some other strength. It is always switching up strengths to meet the opposite or alternative of what it can read as your expectations, which are something you will always need, since the beginning of doing anything involves making expectations (and yes, that is also a life reference, but for that reason alone, it holds here, so you may snack on that)

-2.5. This game mode will take different forms, and get more unpredictable as time passes, and new versions come out, with new maps. One should know to get creative for this reason, and to look for walkthroughs that actually tell one what to do, in the intelligent manner.

-2. Call Of Duty: Zombies is a game mode that last a very long time. In fact, the highest round attainable is roughly two million. To get past it, one has to resolve the conflicts of interest that happen with each of its different complications. Here, I am going to talk about the different complications in the game, and sequence them out to the greatest possible extent, so you know the nature of the true issues that occur in the game, which make up the whole activity of playing it.

-1. One thing that the player should know about the game, is that it's absolutely automatic that the more one notes about the game in one go, the quicker he gains the experience necessary to get the skills to master the whole game. It's easy to master each of the skills in the game, but it's a whole other challenge to be able to perform them in sequence. On top of that, the more the rounds go, the more there is to do in this game. Knowing this will make the biggest difference in the first four rounds.

-1/2. Another thing about this game is the zombies. You have different types, and some wear tougher clothing than others, and even armor. For this reason, weapons do not do consistent damage, but they do consistently grant points, assuming that the game does not bug, which it DOES do sometimes. Little unexpected things like this, which always sit out of even the biggest realms of attention, are the reason why I am writing this guide. Knowing this bullet will make the a difference which is regarded as equally magnanimous as the first bullet.

-1/4.The zombies are creatures that rapidly evolve in the game. Their powers are granted by the treyarch series of engines, which allows them to access higher speeds, and then mod their movement speed, since call of duty is built on the quake engine, which allows direct in-game modding of player traits, and adaptive AI. Knowing this, expect some absolutely kooky shit to happen in zombies, like leaping, rolling, partial sprinting, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. In fact, I have actually seen zombies goose-step me to death. (This happened in The Theater Of The Undead for sure).

-1/8. As far as how the intelligence of zombies progresses, their reaction times max out at any time to never, to within a few minutes of play, and they can sometimes turn to the player as quickly as he can sprint, sometimes even if he sports an abnormally high speed. In fact, the zombies will eventually work in concert to meet the powers and capabilities of the player, even as someone who is operating the controller. This should make the player fully aware that the AI of the game is actually a special kind of AI, called a rampant AI, which is a type of software which is active outside of the computer, which is something that holds the motivations of the people whom invented them, as all inventions do. AI's like this have the most vestigial kind of self-awareness that exists in nature. In fact, I have seen the zombies walk in the opposite direction from me, while I was all by myself, and then quickly turn around to kill me. The game will even betray the player too, for even a player that so much as touches a zombie may die sometimes, for that reason. The player will be fully aware

In fact, I will show you the algorithm or "thought process" in which the zombies behave, which suggests a HIGH level of ambition in the original writer of the code (big surprise, right?):

A. Spawn. Try to spawn behind player's back. Try to spawn, and stay in the player's blind-spot.

B. Travel to player. He will try to take advantage of this. Run and use a speed modification if the player is too advanced for zombies. What you do will depend on what the memory of the game holds for you, since it does tend to leak. Do, however, limit the speed of your movements to the capabilities of the hardware, instilled in the code of the game, to give the false impression that you will never crash the game, because you WILL do this if it means stopping a notorious player. When running, reach out to the player, and hurt him that way, too. Do not regard or think about whether he sees this coming.

C. Swipe. Try to make two-swipes, or throw a flurry. Try to lunge. Player may get lucky, and this may not happen, so keep an eye out for further instructions. If another zombie is present, see if you can both gang up and beat down the player in a frenzy, or throw a single flurry as a team.

D. Always take the shortest distance to the player. Go in a straight line as much as you can, to give the player a chance at winning. If you can, try to head him off, or sneak out of his view to take him down. Always use these tactics, but always try to express outright stupidity. You may even use body language to drop hints at what you might do to the player, to irritate him, and then take advantage of him.

E. Take notice that you can swipe through other zombies, if you feel like it. If you can, try to use movement to distract the player, so another zombie can instantly down him, or hurt the player.

F. Never stop wall-hacking. Always be listening for the player's footsteps.

G. If you are in a group, try to separate into squads, to perform a vice-grip on the player.

0. The first complication with zombies is the controls. Know them, and do not be fooled by the feel of the joystick in the hand. To do this immediately demands one take his attention a distance away from the screen, which can lead to death. As zombies is a game which demands a player give all he has got, and that it makes sense to keep one's backbone, and of course, as it goes for all things, he must use it in the right place and time, for everything has its time, and its place. As to your controller, there is always going to be some latency between your inputs, and how long player animations take, so one must note to distance himself from the zombies, in anticipation of them taking advantage of the player's sluggishness.

1. The first thing one has to do in cod zombies is make it past round one. Round one is an earlier round, which makes it very special, since the zombies in this round always fit in whichever room you are at. Obviously, if the room is too crowded, you WILL be within range of the powers of the zombies. Round one is best approached by knifing the zombies, right in the head, in to hope for a headshot bonus in points.

2. Every round before round five will not require you to be in a certain room (not to be confused with nooks, or dead-end lindworms. I would recommend looking up what a lindworm is in google, because they are so damned scary, I refuse to talk about them.)

3. Now, about the rooms in the zombies maps, this is actually a big topic, because there are so many rooms with little different details. So many geometries dictate how the player will play. Rooms are to be used as an escape, in the case the player is being inescapably encircled, and can be used to set up trains, which are made by occupying a room, or part of a room, which has the space for the amount of zombies which can come in (Which is up to thirty at a time. Sometimes, it will be more, if you factor how one may recognize the situation, which is something necessary to do, since fear of the zombies becomes inevitable for some. As to the real number of zombies again, some guides say this number is twenty four, but they haven't pissed off the AI in the game as badly as me to know what those ugly bastards are really capable of)

As to more about these rooms, if a window is in within a couple of feet (and that is in-game feet, not real feet :p), a player has enough time to build one or two slats, as he runs his rape-train. (What rape-trains are is in the next bullet, by the way. To all you younglings reading, daddy isn't leaving you <3). He would do well to build these slats in this manner, as this will buy him way-room, when he has to cross a zombie's shoulder. If he has a whole map open, he is free to run a mega-train throughout the whole map (and again, rape-trains are covered next, so do not worry about being left in the dark about that one)

3 1/2. The most effective defense tactic in zombies is knowing how to rape-train. Rape-training is the act of waiting up against a wall, ideally away from all zombies, so that they come towards you. When they do this, they open up space on the opposite direction they are going, so the player is free to move, and in fact continue using this tendency to run around circuits within the paths of the map to lead the zombies in a circle. To initiate one of these at will, one can look for where the zombies are spawning, by looking around behind the holes in the map in which they drop up from. One (in the midst of other factors exploiting weaknesses in the game mechanics, and zombies, for maximum damage) then waits for them, and then either goes into a space, by several means, which meets the zombie capacity that is evident in the situation. Note that trains can be held vertically, as well as diagonally, and not just horizontally. Note that trains can also involve going through several rooms, in a circuit, and that they can involve zombies spawning in front of you, as they do tend to expire after some time, and then try to form up to stand in your path, while you are rape-training.

4. Now, if you will notice, every zombies map has things one can buy. These things cost points, which are a bitch to get, since a single shot of a gun will only give ten points. There is an exploit that solves this. All you have to do is set up a rape train, and then use a shotgun (which, by the way, does not inhibit movement speed), to shoot multiple zombies at once. This is most effective when one has ten zombies in front of him, By firing at the top of the belly, along the mid-line, you, with a very low cost to energy, both hit the heads of a few zombies, in to better set you up for a head shot bonus. This should get you the five-thousand points needed in order to pack a punch the most powerful weapon in the map, so that you may have that much more leverage on the zombies. As far as keeping this weapon, it is the same procedure for any weapon: One must use a wall weapon that will return the amount of points he needs (Shotguns always do this the best, as they can hit multiple targets at once, and still return a positive number of points, even when they only hit one target. I know that even just the [[1]] can get 200 points per clip. This makes shotguns a top-class weapon in zombies.) Knowing this can buy you all rounds, as it allows you to buy traps.

4.5. Many zombie maps have traps. Traps ALWAYS kill zombies faster than anything the player can do, so players who know to use them, in a rape train, can get past any round with them, as long as they make a profit in points after doing this, which does not detract from points that may be used for buying the next weapon, which should be the best-tier weapon available. As to more reasons why they are used, the zombies have an unconstant tendency to speed up, if they find that the player is running a train for too long. This is something you see in Black Ops II zombies, as well. In the instance that this happens, one may simply speed up his pacing, and even more so, by using speed cola. There are no riddles there.

5. Every map has a weapon that will have beefed up stats, compared to the stock version found commonly in zombies maps. One should take a time to play through each map, before attempting high rounds, to find these weapons. Knowing this can, like I have been saying for the sake of practicality, buy one ten rounds, for each time he picks the best weapon currently available (which is something that should change, otherwise the player would end up with too many zombies for the space he has. For this reason, it makes sense to stop when there are only a few zombies left, and then take time to measure how many paces it takes to clear the diameter of the space you're in. If the room is thirty five paces or bigger in diameter, it should house anything you throw at it, as long as other players know to take a back-seat.

6. Headshotting does double damage. Do try this, but do not sacrifice movement speed when you can spare it. This can buy a player up to fifty rounds, and I have seen it. USE. THIS.

7. In the beginning, getting perks, building stuff, pack-a-punching, and doing objectives makes a big difference in the game. These should only ever be sought out when the player has at least fifteen seconds until he can be swiped by a zombie. Moments like this occur most frequently when the zombie count in the map has been shot down to just a handful, enough to occupy lindworms and nooks in the map. As to what a lindworm is, in how I use it, it is a hallway that leads to a dead-end, and can only occupy so much room, to the effect that the player loses all control over whether he wins or loses in the hallway. One famous lindworm is in Der Riese, where there is a huge hallway which leads to a small hole, about knee-high. These hallways are dangerous, because zombies are free to spawn in your path whenever they want, as was implied earlier.

7.5 Now, to go back to perks, very quickly, as will all pick-up type items in the game, they tend to distribute themselves to multiple active bodies on the map. Knowing this, one should be very wary that the attainment of perks, with several zombies present, can lead the zombies to contagion each other with the perk.

8. Staying interested in playing the game is also a big factor. This requires that the player sometimes stop and look, when the temperature of the round is low, and try out meta-objectives, and look for easter eggs. The player has to see how the knowledge in the map can add to his own, and inspire his own creativity outside of zombies, by looking as the visuals, sounds, scenery, and such.

9. The player may also sneak around the zombies by walking crouched, as they DO always know where you are, but have to do so by recognizing where you are. This can buy up to four hundred dead zombies on its own, with the right conditions (which is with insta-kill, and some top-class weapon.)

10. Powerups exist to distract, and may only be picked up when they are actually within the survivable range of movement of the player. They are also something that occurs when the player is playing at a high level of skill. For example, if a player is doing well, and he has been swiped by the zombies several times, then he automatically increases the probability that powerups will be dropped for him. This works off the general mechanic that if a player is doing well, and has one of his resources down, while other ones are doing well (for example, health, versus points, perk usage). Wisely not killing zombies will also beget powerups, so if a player is not making compromises to technique, impulse control, and efficiency, then he increases the probability of getting a powerup, which would already apply to a situation. Sometimes, however, players do get redundant powerups, but this is because of something coded into the game, which forces it to automatically drop powerups. It may also most likely happen if a player is playing perfectly, but is not playing all of the objectives present in the map.

11. The best weapons in zombies are pack-a-punched shotguns, the mp40, the ppsh, and other weapons that seem to cut through zombies like buzz-saws. You will be able to pick these out by looking up their stats online. The absolutely most powerful weapon in zombies is the Hell's Redeemer, and the most convenient weapon, which one can always expect to be able to access, is going to be what will be the strongest wall-shotgun.

12. One may think that huddling up is a real tactic, but this only buys the first fifteen rounds, and the players whom do this are fools, whom clearly lack a forebrain.

13. For people playing in multiplayer, all money has to be pooled, as all other players take a back-seat, when the zombies decide to come after one player.

14. Try to throw your grenades behind where you are going, instead of in front, as they create clouds, which creates smoke, which zombies will use to hide in.

15. Try to eliminate large clumps of zombies with powerful one-hit kill methods, like thundergun blasts, wunderwaffe blasts, and such. Headshotting and other OP methods work to eliminate anomalies that might.

16. Learn to use wall weapons. Wall weapons do not generate on random or distracting algorithms, which allow you to cheaply purchase ammunition for your weapon, to use headshots to get yourself out of trouble.

17. Another challenge in zombies is to choose the proper map, which will be one of the sources of entertainment. Mixing tightness of corridors, intricacy, assets, undistinguished objects, easter eggs, perk choices, and whatnot will add to the difficulty of the map. Reducing these things in gross will take away from the difficulty.

18. Keep your playing energy endogenic. If you are profiting from the failure of another player, then it is likely that you will hook yourself onto doing that. Continuing this will reduce your freedom in jumping into zombies games; for team games, you always want to be welcome, and you always want to bring progress. Always. No true inertness is allowed on any part of the player!

That concludes the solution for zombies. Follow this, get creative with it, and attain your mastery!

That statement, however, leaves a big question: What other requirements to zombies are there?

After some thorough observation and experimenting, I have found these requirements, which sum up this tutorial quite well, and thus implicitly give the missing information to complete this question:

1. One must put on a good show playing zombies. Lazy, stupid players always get downed. So yeah, no kids, and no inert people in the game. Always mind your p's and q'a playing this game! Take hints from the game and other players, if you're doing a team game!

2. One is allowed to weight his max round, based on the level of quality of his work, since in-game exploits are numerous in zombies. This is just a mathematical fact.



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