The Centrifuge is a large rotating object located in the very first room you enter in Ascension. It will be located at the very center of the room.

Before it turns on, an alarm will sound, and about three seconds later, it will begin spinning very fast for about five seconds.

When hit by the Centrifuge, you will instantly be put in the crouch position. If you get back up, it will hit you again and down you. If you have purchased Juggernog, it will take four hits for it to down you.

The Centrifuge is able to kill Zombies that walk under it, and it will kill them the second it touches them. It is also able to kill Zombie Monkeys. Not on the ground, though. If one were to jump from the ledge whilst the Centrifuge is active, the Monkey will die in mid-air. If it was the last one, the Max Ammo and Perk Bottle in mid-air where it was killed.


  • Oddly enough, the Power is not required to power the Centrifuge, so it is able to spin on the first Round.
  • There is no way to stop the Centrifuge from spinning.

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