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Chalk is a utility that appear in the map Buried. It can be acquired in the Gunsmith area of the underground town.

The player will be awarded 1000 - 2000 points for drawing most of the chalks, and 2000 or 4000 points for the final chalk.

While at the beginning of a game of Buried buying the doors to the gunsmith is in almost everybodys to-do list. Just a couple minutes of walking around the map can grant you thousands of points. The best part of the chalk is how you can put the gun you want to use where you want to be, for example, if you were planning on training around the giant cell then you would draw your desired fire arm next to the door there or just up the stairs, this gives more freedom on what guns you can use and where you can use them becaus some of the best, funnest guns are in spots that chop their legs out from under them, like the Type 100 on Shi No Numa, its spot couldn't get more awkward. Or the M1927, unless you train at the docks this beast of a gun is just too far off to keep, even if you train at the docks its spot in those wooden barrels make it an easy death trap if your going in for a pit stop mid round.


The weapons that can be drawn are: 

Drawing LocationsEdit

  • Adjacent to the Remington chalk spot.
  • Adjacent to Speed Cola.
  • On the wall outside the Jail Cell.
  • At the top of the stairs near the original Mystery Box spawn.
  • Upstairs in the Church.
  • Outside on the second floor of the Saloon.


  • The Chalks take up the slot shared with Booze, Candy and the Key.
  • When drawing A chalk, the amount earned can be affected by Double Points.
  • One can use the Candy to have The Giant draw three weapons in random places, however this will award no points.

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