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The Colt M1911 is the starting pistol of every map in Call of Duty: World at War , Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II , except for Dead Ops Arcade and Origins.


The M1911 is the starting pistol for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. In World at War, the starting weapon is a Colt M1911, which is very similar to the regular M1911. When you first spawn, the M1911 starts with eight bullets in a magazine, with 32 reserve bullets. A Max Ammo Power-up will allow the M1911 to have 80 reserve bullets instead of 32. It has moderate damage and is a good weapon for the first three rounds, after which it quickly becomes too weak to use effectively.

It performs fairly well for the first few rounds, but its performing capabilities drop off significantly in later rounds, its power can be enhanced in Black Ops II with the purchase of Double Tap.

Although it is very ineffective at killing, it can be used for building points for the first rounds, though with the lack of reserve ammo and inability to buy more ammo off the wall, it runs out of ammo very shortly.

The M1911 returns in Black Ops II Zombies, and is the starting weapon for all players (with the exception of Origins). It fires much like the Colt M1911 from World at War, and has the same reload animation as the one from Black Ops. It starts with slightly more ammo than the Black Ops variant, but holds the same amount of bullets in the magazine. This gun should be replaced quickly, unless you plan on Pack-a-Punching it, depending on the playstyle, the player may choose to keep it to build points quickly.


In Call of Duty: World at War, the M1911 can be upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine to the "C-3000 b1atch35" (Leetspeak for "See-3000 biatches"). The C-3000 shoots grenades instead of regular bullets, and has minor splash damage as well as having a reduced magazine size and firecap.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, it can be upgraded to become the "Mustang & Sally". Two Duel Wielded M1911s that, like the former, fires grenades instead of regular bullets at the cost of the individual magazine size decreased to six and a decreased firecap. The fire rate can be made even faster when the player obtains Double Tap Root Beer.

The grenades are quite powerful, being a one-hit kill as far as into round 17, provided the projectile as well as the splash damage hits. The M1911 can't be obtained from the wall but can rarely be obtained from the Mystery Box on Shi no Numa (WaW only) and Mob of the Dead; it can only be obtained upon spawning or after 'death'.

A useful strategy to survive to higher rounds is to spray the Mustang and Sally at the user's feet, when trapped or caught between a hoard of zombies. Due to their high initial damage output, high rate of fire, and duel wield nature, Mustang and Sally can output damage as high as one Scavenger round in less than three to four seconds. This gives the user an easy capability of surviving up to rounds past 30 or potentially 40, if used correctly. They are best used as panic weapons in emergencies due to their low volume of ammo, raw power, and high damage output. These strengths make up for this weakness, surpassing other powerful weapons such as the Ray Gun, when factoring in damage per second. This only works with PhD Flopper to prevent self-damage.

In numerous zombie maps, the Mustang & Sally has the number 6 talied on the side of both guns. This could possibly be hinting at "beware the 6" in the kino der toten starting room.



  • In Black Ops and Black Ops 2, if the player buys Quick Revive in a solo Zombies game, they will pull out the "Mustang and Sally" when they are downed.
  • On the PC version of the Game - using the Developer Console. One can type giveall and all weapon that would normally be present in that map can be obtained. On Der Reise - Some of the given weapons include the Regular M1911 and the Pack-A-Punched version, a spare M1911 and the Dirty Harry.

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