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DSD Machine
Deadshot Daiquiri is a Perk-a-Cola that is featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies maps Call of the Dead, Shangri La, and Moon. This Perk-a-Cola is 1500 points and its abilities are, when ADS (Aiming Down Sights) it makes you aim for the zombies' heads, it will also reduce hip fire, also makes knifes aim for head. it is also similar to the perk "Steady Aim" in Multiplayer.


  • When Aiming Down Sights, it will aim for the heads.
  • On top of the perk machine you can see a Martini Glass filled with blood with a lemon on it.
  • According to the players, it tastes sweet as Strawberries.
  • The machine itself is not like a vending machine, it is a simliar way to PhD Flopper as it has a broken glass in it and nozzles that either have hot or cold.
  • This perk appeared on the second DLC in Black Ops 1 and 2.
  • It is the smallest perk machine out of all of them.
  • Deadshot Daquiri is similar to the perk "Steady Aim" in Multiplayer.
  • It is based on the cocktail Daiquiri.


Black Ops 2Edit

     To get on Black Ops 2, you must be in a public server or Online solo server. After on a public server, you must get 2 headshots at once. This will unlock Deadshot Daiquiri throughout the whole game and will persist through death (Hints the name Persistant Perk)
  • The Persistant perk is different than the Perk-A-Cola.
  • It does not auto aim to the head like the Perk-A-Cola.
  • Headshots do more damage, especially pistol headshots.


To err is human, to forgive is divine. Well I'm not forgiving and the error ain't mine! They ain't quite human; least they're not to my eyes. One sip of this and I'll give them the shock of their lives! Yeah, we got the guns and we got the bombs! In deadshot heaven, we pop skulls for fun! Zero in baby, zero on that spot. The hot spot baby, give it all you got! So quit complaining, about your bad aiming! Just try, try again for me! With the headshot power of a Deadshot Daiquiri! 


[Here] for a video of how to unlock the Persistant perk

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