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Electric Cherry is a new perk in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies map Mob of the Dead. It costs 2000 points and creates an electric shockwave around the player whenever they reload their weapon. The color for this perk is light blue (although the color of the drink is bright red) and the icon is a red cherry.[1] The Electric Cherry machine is similar to Quick Revive's but has a brownish color.


Mob of the DeadEdit

In Mob of the Dead, Electric Cherry can be found on the top floor of the prison: just above the Hellhound head, on the same floor as the buildable table and gondola.

Other MapsEdit

In every other map its in, Electric Cherry's machine does not appear. Therefore, other methods must be used to obtain it.



  • The name of the perk is a play on the words Electric Chair.
  • Near the top of the machine there is a little glass compartment with a zombie head surrounded by many bottles of Electric Cherry.
  • Electric Cherry is currently the eleventh perk in Zombies mode.
  • This is the only Perk-a-Cola to not have a jingle.



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