Excavators are gigantic machines that are used to dig deep into the ground.
Zombies "Moon" - Excavator breaching the biodome!01:34

Zombies "Moon" - Excavator breaching the biodome!

An Excavator breaching the Biodome

In Moon, Excavators can dig into one of the three rooms: Tunnel 6, Tunnel 11, and the Biodome.

If the player grabs a Hacker, and runs to the Excavator controls in the Receiving Area, he/she may hold the action button and the Excavator will not dig. But, if the Excavator is already digging at the time the Player hacks it, it will stop digging.

When a Player hacks an Excavator, they will receive 1000 Points.

When the Excavator begins digging, the room it is digging in will lose gravity, allowing players to jump farther and stay in the air an extra amount of time, but move slower than if there was gravity.

Also when digging, if a Player walks into a digging Excavator, they will bleed out instantly. This is only possible in Tunnel 6 and 11.

The Excavator must dig in Tunnel 6 in order to complete Richtofen's Grand Scheme, as it is a requirement for the 3rd step, allowing the Mysterious Egg to fall through the roof.

These are the Excavators names that the player will hear before the Excavators begin digging.

Pi: Tunnel 6

Omicron: Tunnel 11

Epsilon: Biodome

This is the time remaining until Excavation when the warnings will be heard.

  1. The first, second and third warnings do not tell the time, they only warn you that one will breach.
  2. The fourth warning will tell you that the Excavator will breach in one minute.
  3. The fifth warning will tell you that the Excavator will breach in 30 seconds.
  4. The sixth warning will come with a series of warning beeps, telling you that the Excavator has decompressed said area.


There are four Achievements that include the Excavators.

Cryogenic Slumber PartyEdit

"In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme."

The Excavator is required to release the Mysterious Egg from the roof.

Excavator Needed: Tunnel 6.

One Giant LeapEdit

"In Moon, free yourself from the Receiving Are through resurrection in co-op."

The Excavators are required to trap yourself in the Receiving Area.

Excavators Needed: Tunnel 6, Tunnel 11.

Ground ControlEdit

"In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game."

The Excavators are required to disable each of them for the Achievement.

Excavators Needed: Tunnel 6, Tunnel 11, Biodome.

Big Bang TheoryEdit

"In Moon, gain sweet, sweet revenge."

The Excavator is required to release the Mysterious Egg from the roof.

Excavators Needed: Tunnel 6


  • An Excavator may dig into a room it has already dug into.
  • When near an Excavator, the players screen (and Controller if Vibration is active) will shake rapidly.



An ACTUAL Excavator


(Bottom Right) An Excavators blade.


An Excavator that has breached the Biodome.


An Excavator breaching Tunnel 11

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