The Fire Pit is a new kind of trap for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies game mode. It is seen on the map Kino der Toten, and is located in the middle of the Lower Hall. It costs 1000 points to activate, incinerates any zombie that runs through it, and kills any player that walks into it. Be sure no teammates are near the pit when anyone activates it because it may cause them to die. The Fire Pit can be effective, if all players stand behind it, or if someone throws a Monkey Bomb into it. Both tactics can help kill large swarms of zombies, which is extremely useful in later rounds. There is a spot at the Fire Trap where you can stay and the zombies will come straight through the trap, and the only way you can be hit is the zombies coming from either the barrier by the MPL and the door that leads to the alley.

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