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Fire Sale

A Fire Sale Power-Up on "Five".

"Attention freaksacks, everything must go!" — Tank Dempsey

Fire Sale is a Power-Up on the Call of Duty: Black Ops maps of Kino der Toten, "Five", AscensionCall of the Dead, Shangri-La , and Moon . It has two effects. First, it makes the Mystery Box spawn in all locations, and cost only 10 points. Second, it reduces the price of all weapons off the walls and their ammunition.

If a player opens the Mystery Box and the Fire Sale expires, the box will stay in that location until the weapon is either taken or floats back into the Mystery Box. After doing the Moon Easter Egg (when Richtofen becomes in charge), the Fire Sale Music changes.

There is an alternate version of the Fire Sale dropped by the Pentagon Thief called the Bonfire Sale

Video Edit



The extended Fire Sale announcement

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