First Strike of Call of Duty: Black Ops was the first map pack released for the game. It is available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points, $15.00/£10.00/€15.00 from the PlayStation Store, and $14.99 on Steam. It was released first for Xbox 360 on February 1, 2011, then March 3 on the PlayStation 3, then finally March 25 for PC. This DLC Pack contains four Multiplayer maps and one Zombies map.


Berlin WallEdit

Berlin Wall is a fairly large map. It features a "no man's land" between the walls, with auto-turrets watching over it. This area is colored in red on the player's radar. It features the East and West sides of the wall as spawns. This map has many buildings and entertains people to "camp". Domination is very intense on this map as the flag 'B' is in the middle.


Discovery takes place in an old German base in the Antarctic, presumably based around "Project Nova". It features four destroyable ice structures that bridge the gap between the two sides. These ice bridges can be destroyed with a claymore or fourteen shots from a pistol, as well as Scorestreaks.


Kowloon is based around the campaign mission "Numbers", and has two ziplines for rapid movement, similar to the zipline found in the first campaign level, "Operation 40". It is set on rooftops and has perfect sniping points.


Stadium is a map based in New York City around an empty hockey stadium named "Chance Stadium". Because the focus is on the stadium, the player can not enter the hockey arena.


The Zombies map features the original characters, whose appearances have changed (e.g. Dr Richtofen is now in a spacesuit rather than his original Wehrmacht uniform). It has new weapons, perks, and [[Space Monkey|Space Monkeys]] that steal players' perks by breaking the corresponding machines. The new perks of Ascension are [[PhD Flopper]] and [[Stamin-Up]]. The map introduces [[Lunar Lander|Lunar Landers]]. New weapons are available such as the [[Sickle]], the [[Gersch Device]], and the [[Matryoshka Doll|Matryoshka Dolls]]. The [[Thundergun]] returns in this map.[[Category:Call of Duty:Black Ops]].

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