The courtyard in Shi No Numa where the flogger is situated

The Flogger is a rotating wooden trap with long bars with barbed wire between them attached to giant logs that have lots of sharp spikes that are perfect for killing zombies. This trap is unique to Shi No Numa. There is a way of getting past the flogger while it is in action: go prone and crawl underneath it, however stand up too soon and you could find yourself in Last Stand. The flogger costs 750 points to activate and it lasts roughly 30 seconds. Note: you must have access to the Fishing Hut for it to work. Despite the fact that the zombie's health increases in the higher levels, it will still kill them instantly. The flogger is a great way to kill swarms of zombies hungry for human flesh. By leading them to it the players can slip away to the safety of the fishing hut or the main building giving them the time to regroup and reload for the next horde that appears. One problem with it is that crawlers and Hellhounds can still get through it.

Trivia Edit

The flogger

The Flogger

  • The Flogger was most likely built by the Japanese. One of Takeo's quotes, "there is good Japanese design here," which he says when he activates the Flogger shows its probable Japanese origins.
  • The Flogger can kill you even with the god mode cheat on.
  • The only ways the flogger can't kill you is if you do the game over glitch, lay down and crawl under it, or use the never ending round glitch. 
  • The Flogger is one of the three traps you have to use in one round to get the "It's a Trap!" Achievement/Trophy.
  • There are two switches to activate the Flogger. One next to the flogger and one on a gate. This means you can activate the trap from both sides.
  • Players had reported to be able to glitch on the top of the flogger by jumping on it as it slows down. This requires exact timing, and is very risky.
  • The Flogger flings zombies into the air when it hits them and leaves very few corpses on the ground.
  • It is possible that the Flogger was used as a defense weapon during World War II. (i.e. If the Marines attacked, the Japanese could shoot out the windows and the Marines wouldn't be able to get in.)
  • The word "flogger" means "A lightweight whip with multiple lashes".