"Daddy, what are you doing with Fluffy?"
Samantha Maxis


Pet zhe Puppy!

has a very brief mention in the Nazi Zombies game mode. Fluffy the dog had belonged to Samantha, the daughter of Dr. Maxis and is mentioned in Der Riese by two of the radio messages. One radio broadcast hears Dr. Maxis giving Fluffy to Samantha. He tells her that she is pregnant and is expecting puppies soon. Samantha asks if she can keep the puppies too. Dr. Maxis says that they'll see, and that it will be taken "one step at a time." Unknown to Samantha however, Fluffy is experimented on by Edward Richtofen and Maxis. The experiment was to try and teleport an animal instead of a human. Unfortunately, Samantha walks in to the lab and sees her father and Richtofen in the process of teleporting Fluffy. Samantha and Maxis argue as Fluffy re-appears in the teleporter. Richtofen leaves the room, locking her and Maxis inside, with Fluffy, who has turned into a Hellhound. Because Fluffy was pregnant with puppies, she gave birth to Hellhounds.