the fly trap in action from under the map

The Fly Trap is an easter egg found in the Zombie map Der Riese. It consists of a group of eight objects which seem to have inherited the personality of a little girl (possibly Doctor Maxis' daughter Samantha as the voice does sound German). With a weapon that has been upgraded using the Pack-A-Punch Machine, there is a panel of lights down an alleyway which can be shot. After this is done, eight objects can be seen spinning around with the green lights that illuminate the powerups, and then flying away. As they fly away, the girl will start to laugh. A little girl's voice says "Let's play hide and seek." This gets the player (and all other players in the lobby) the "Elevate Your Senses" achievement/trophy if the player does not already have it.


Several objects then appear in hidden places around the map. Some are teddies and others are monkeys, after you discover them you will hear the little girl`s voice saying something like Wow, you found another one! There are only three to be shot as the items group up.

1) A Teddy Bear with what appears to be a bowie knife in his left hand standing in the window of a building (it is more easy to see it and shoot it if you have a scoped rifle eg. PTRS-41.

2) A teddy with a Juggernog bottle and a Pack-a-Punched Colt M1911 in a pile of cages.

3) A Monkey Bomb with a Stielhandgranate and a Molotov Cocktail in an incinerator.

2+3+3=8 items

Once you get all the items, a little girl (probably Samantha) says, "You win, game over!" in a demonic voice.


  • In reality the Fly Trap, or, more accurately, the "Henge", was the supposed testing ground for the original Die Glocke UFO.
  • It is a commonly accepted theory to those who know the history behind the actual "Der Reise" labs that the panel of lights that get shot are actualy the control panel to activate Die Glocke, or "The Bell" which was meant to be a zero-point energy creator, or an anti-gravity device. It seems as if Treyarch went with the anti-gravity side of things due to the objects flying up and away when the device is activated.