The Focusing Stone is a very hard to obtain item,

The Focusing Stone before being shrunk.

holding it grants you all 7 Perks, also being downed does not affect it, if you get revived after being down you keep all of the Perks. This item is obtained after completing the Easter Egg on this map, you have to free Brock & Gary from the past.

The Focusing Stone first appears as a Meteor that crashes at the Pack-A-Punch temple, at the end of the easter egg you use the upgraded "Baby Gun" to shoot a few magic orbs, after that the orbs shrink the Focusing Stone down to a size to fit in your pocket. Then you use Garys Dynamite to blow up the door, that releases Brock & Gary from The Past.

You then go up to where the Pack-A-Punch would be and instead you will find the Focusing Stone.


  • Only 1 Player can hold the Focusing Stone, but everybody will get the Time Travel Will Tell Achievement/Trophy.
  • Like in the Golden Rod from Call of the Dead, whoever grabs the Focusing Stone is actually seen holding it the rest of the game.

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