"Years ago, I did research for a World War II movie. I came across some old Nazi documents. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Element 115, necromancers, raising the dead, real creepy stuff. The coolest thing is? Some of that crazy shit happened right here."
―George A. Romero

George A. Romero, a famous director, is the boss-character in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies map Call of the Dead, which is the Zombie map from the map pack Escalation. Romero was doing research for a World War II movie when he came across Nazi documents pertaining to Element 115.

Romero became infected while shooting for his next movie Call of the Dead. He became captured during a real zombie outbreak in the same general location he was filming. He was grabbed by a zombie that was mistaken as an actor, and was taken over a rail into the water.


At first, Romero's is calm and walks after players while groaning as a massive blue aura surrounds him. Once agitated (by damage or the player coming too close), he either uses his studio light to attack the player or slam the ground and roars, causing the player's screen to shake. If he hits the player with the studio light, he will damage and electrocute the player.

He can't be killed with the Wunderwaffe DG-2, since damage is reduced to one point when used against him. The Nuke and Insta-Kill power-ups don't work against him either.


  • Romero's amount of hit points depends on how many players there are when the game starts. He has 250,000 health points for every player in the game.
  • If Romero is killed, he will drop either a Death Machine or Wunderwaffe DG-2, depending on whether the player has completed the Easter Egg or not. They will also be rewarded with an achievement/trophy.
    • This does not apply to Call of the Dead: Director's Cut, where it doesn't matter.
  • If Romero is shot with the V-R11 while in the water, he will disappear for at least 2 rounds.
  • Romero has several unused animations, including death animations similar to a zombie's, a sprinting animation and several "jogging" animations.
  • If Romero is killed and retreats in the spawn area, if you go to Quick Revive you'll see the orange flickering light of his club reflected off some nearby rocks. If you go to prone next to those rocks you'll hear Romero tapping his club lightly against something. Furthermore if you use cheats to noclip under Quick Revive you'll see the sparks and the orange eyes of the otherwise invisible Romero. Judging from the positioning of the sparks he appears to be tapping the club against his palm idly.
  • Occasionally and randomly (I've only managed to recreate this once); if George is shot and killed by a Hyena Infra-Dead. He will not stagger and he will not retreat to the water - instead he will walk to the player's spawn point and play an idle animation. He cannot be hurt (nor can he hurt players) while in this glitched state.

    Romero's Glitched Death-state.

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