The Gersh Device is a Wonder Weapon and Tactical Grenade that can be bought in Ascension and Moon. It is a major component of both the Casimir Mechanism and Richtofen's Grand Scheme Easter Eggs. In the story, Richtofen took the Gersh Device from Ascension to Griffin Base to complete his Grand Scheme.

Overview Edit

The Gersh Device can only be obtained from the Mystery Box and only three will be obtained. When activated, this will create a black hole the will suck zombies into it, killing them instantly and awarding the player 50 points per zombie, or 130 points if the player holds the Ballistic Knife on Ascension. If the player dives or jumps into it, they will be teleported to a random part of the map that is opened. The exception to this is on the map Moon, where teleporting with the Gersh Device in the Receiving Bay will only teleport players throughout the area and not to the Moon, and vice vesa.

The Gersh Device takes up the player's tactical grenade slot. This means that if the player attempts to take Matryoshka Dolls on Ascension or the QED on Moon with the Gersh Device in their inventory the weapons will be swapped.

The Gersh Device is an extremely effective weapon as it can kill a horde of Zombies without hassle and gives the players a short reprieve from enemies. This weapon is also effective if one wants to revive a downed teammate without being attacked, similar to Monkey Bombs.



They are going THROUGH! - In Ascension, kill at least five zombies with one Gersh Device.


  • If the player throws a Device outside the map, the Demonic Announcer will laugh and the Device will disappear by a bolt of lightning.
    • This is the case unless they are completing the Ascension Easter Egg, where there is one point where it can be thrown out of the map to suck a Generator in.
  • The red numbers surrounding the Pentagon Thief can also be seen in the Gersh Device while activated. However, it must be observed closely to notice it.

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