"The giant robot may be our greatest scientific achievement... made possible only because of Element 115."
Edward Richtofen
Giant Robots
Vital statistics
Title Giant Robot
Gender None
Race Robot
Faction Axis/Germany
Health Infinite
Level Origins
Status 3 Operational, 1 Destroyed
Location Origins

The Giant Robots are an enemy in the Zombies map Origins.


Watch out!


The Robots were created by Group 935  to help the Central Powers win the Great War. Two main scientists, Ludvig Maxis  and Edward Richtofen  contributed to their construction. According to Richtofen, building the Giant Robots was only possible due to Element 115


Freya, Odin, and Thor, the Three Giant Robots; roam the area around where the map takes place. Periodically, they will enter over the map itself, stepping down upon large foot-shaped craters in the ground. Lights placed around these areas will flash red when a Robot is about to step down upon the ground. A Robot is capable of killing zombies and downing any players caught in its foot's radius when it takes a step. If they Panzer Soldat is stepped upon, he becomes trapped in the mud for a few precious moments before freeing itself.

It is possible for a player to enter the inside of a Giant Robot by shooting at the lights on the undersides of their feet, doing so results in a maintenance hatch opening up that will transport the player to their head when the Robot steps on them. A piece for the Staff of Wind and an Audio Log can be found inside each Robot. The player is allowed a limited time within the Robot; however, they must activate one of the blue circles to be allowed outside. If they fail to do so, they will be sucked into one of the blue circles and be evacuated anyway.

If a player has unearthed the Golden Helmet with the Shovel, they can survive being stepped on by a Robot once.

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