This is the transcript for the Gorod Krovi trailer

Nikolai : This city...

Images of dead zombies flash.

Nikolai: Has seen more than its share of pain.

Nikolai looks out over the city; Him and Takeo are shooting from a ledge.

Nikolai: It has been witness to horrors...

A zombie climbs up from a crater.

Nikolai: That would make make most souls question the concept of humanity itself.

Nikolai: It has been known by many names. I know it as Stalingrad.

The Gorod Krovi logo appears.

Nikolai: City of Blood.

Nikolai and Takeo run through a corridor, followed closely by Richtofen.

A red eyed zombie reaches, presumably towards the heroes.

A blue eyed, electrified zombie climbs over a pile of debris.

Nikolai buys a Gobblegum .

Nikolai: This should do job. Job of killing.

A large dragon breathes fire on a horde of zombies.

Nikolai: We don't need any fire here, dragon. We do not feel cold.

A zombie fires a blast out of its arm cannon.

Nikolai runs into a room wearing a dragon-like suit.

Various scenes of the heroes shooting zombies.

Dempsey buys a random weapon from the Box .

Dempsey: Alright Dempsey, once more for old time's sake.

He recieves the PPSH-41 .

Dempsey: Oorah.

The Dragon breathes fire over the terrain below.

This is the transcript of the Gorod Krovi intro.

A large portal opens up in the sky, our heroes along with a large amount of debris fall out of it.

Takeo: This was part of the plan, Richtofen?

Richtofen: Not exactly!

After a few seconds of freefalling, bullets shoot up from the surface.

Dempsey: Nurse, get a parachute!

The camera zooms in on a nametag sewn onto the suit of the man. It reads "McCain".

Dempsey, followed by the rest of the heroes, grab on to the man.

Takeo: Pull the reserve!

Dempsy pulls the cord on the parachute, and they float down as a dragon soars above their heads.

It is revealed that the gunfire came from a mech piloted by Original Nikolai, who shoots down a small horde of zombies.

He then shoots missiles at the dragon, who swoops down once more.

As our heroes fall to the ground, Original Nikolai opens fire on them after recognizing who they are.

The dragon grabs the mech and flings it into a building, which crumbles.

The dragon breathes fire onto the camera, and the intro ends.

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