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"Fight the undead WITH or AGAINST the other team. But in the end, only one team survives..."

Grief mode is a playable mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, on the maps Town, Farm, Cell Block, and Borough.

Overview Edit

The main objective of this to survive as long as possible against endless hordes of Zombies, while outlasting against the opponent's team. If one team dies, the other must survive the rest of the round, but if they die, the round restarts, and both teams respawn.

Some exclusive features include the Flesh power-up, which creates a Cymbal Monkey effect when thrown anywhere inside the map. It also has a Now You See Me GobbleGum effect when thrown at a player, attracting Zombies towards that specific player for a certain amount of time.

Players are also allowed to attack each other in the sense that distracts the opponents, using any attack possible and stunning and pushing the other players, the duration and recoil dependent on the damage of the weapon.

In Town, Farm, and Borough, the Demonic Announcer is Edward Richtofen and the factions are the CDC and CIA. In Cell Block, the Demonic Announcer is Stanley Ferguson and the factions are the Alcatraz Guards and the Alcatraz Prisoners.

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