Starting Ammo: 125
Max Ammo: 125
Cost: 950

 The HAMR is a fully auto matic light machine gun in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies and is included in every Black Ops 2 map except Mob of the Dead. It has 125 in a drum magazine and, like the AN-94, it fires the first two bullets faster than the rest of the bullets. It can only be obtained from the Mystery Box. The HAMR's reload speed is relatively high in comparison to the RPD's, often making the HAMR a more preferable weapon. However, the RPD catches up with the HAMR when Pack-a-Punched.


HAMR sight

The iron sights for the SLDG HAMR

The pack a punched HAMR, the SLDG HAMR, has 150 rounds in a magazine, 625 rounds in reserve, damage boost, rate of fire increase and reload speed increase. You can also Pack-A-Punch it twice or more for some of the atachments for the HAMR.


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