Starting Ammo: 125
Max Ammo: 150
Cost: 950

 The HK21 is a West German Light-Machine Gun featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies maps Kino der Toten, "Five", Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-La, and Moon. It bears similarities to the M1919 Browning from Call of Duty: World at War, as it has low rate of fire, high damage and long reload time.

The HK21 can be found in the Nazi Zombies game mode and can only be obtained from the Mystery Box. It starts with a magazine size of 125 rounds and with an extra 500 rounds. When Pack-A-Punched, it becomes the "H115 Oscillator". This increases the magazine size to 150 rounds while increasing ammo capacity to 750 in reserve along with the usual additions.

The low rate of fire, very high magazine size and high reserve capacity makes ammo less of an issue for the HK21 than for other weapons. However, the very slow reload time makes Speed Cola useful when using this weapon. The low rate of fire also makes Double Tap Root Beer beneficial, but not a necessity. Be aware that Double Tap Root Beer increases the upwards recoil a significant amount, which can however help for getting headshots.

Due to this weapon's high power and large magazine, it is arguably one of the best non-Wonder Weapons in Zombies mode.


  • The upgraded HK21's name, the H115 Oscilliator, is another reference to Element 115.
  • The upgraded HK-21 has the largest supply of ammo in Black Ops Zombies, excluding the Death Machine.

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