CoD World at War Hammer Time achievement

Hammer Time icon.

Hammer Time is an achievement/trophy for the Map Pack 2 [[Nazi Zombies map, Shi No Numa. To be awarded Hammer Time, the player must repair 200 window boards in a single game.


  • The name "Hammer Time" may be a reference to the famous 1989 song, U Can't Touch This, by M.C. Hammer. This is because the chorus of the song includes "Stop! Hammer time!"
  • An Easy Way to Do This is To Leave A Zombie Attacking a Window on Round one (Make sure he is the last one) And stand a safe distance from the window, but still close enough to fix it, two zombies is better as they tear boards quicker, but they may get through if it stops building.
  • The Window boards do not have to be point scoring fixes.

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