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House is one of the four maps featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops DS, taking place during the RGS Zombies Storyline as some of the zombie incidents that happened during the time of Kino Der Toten.

Overview Edit

This map takes place in a typical house in Europe in the rural areas. It has old furniture, wooden floorboards, and other old furnishings.

This map has three rooms, each with different features.

Features Edit

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Starting Weapons Edit

  1. Makarov PM
  2. M67 Frag Grenades (5)
  3. Knife
  4. Throwing Knife

Wall Weapons Edit

Mystery Box Weapons Edit

Other Weapons Edit

  1. Mk. 22 Mod. 0 (downed only)

Map Layout Edit

Starting Room Edit

Five barricades, M14 for 1800 points, M1891/59 for 300 points, and a door costing 5000 points.

Mystery Locker Room Edit

Mystery Locker costing 950 points, M16A1 for 2500 points, Remington 870 for 1200 points, and a door costing 10000 points.

Second Floor Edit

PPSh-41 for 5000 points, M16A1 w/Grenade Launcher for 7500 points, XM22 for 4000 points, M79 for 3000 points, and a hole in the wall and floor to shoot to the Starting Room.

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