The Hunter's Cabin is the last nonstop location in the Nazi Zombies map TranZit.


  • Gauge for the Jet Gun (It can spawn by the fireplace, on the cot, or on the table next to the cot)

Weapons AvailableEdit


The Hunter's Cabin is located in between the Power Station and the Town.

How To Get HereEdit

The best way to get here is if you are inside the bus and not on top, because you could get pushed off by any of the obstacles on the road. When you see fire, that means that it's the Hunter's Cabin. Quickly run there before you get downed.



  • This is the second nonstop location in TranZit to feature only one buyable weapon.
  • Even though there is only one player here, the spawn rate for zombies is still high, even though the other players aren't there.

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