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John F. Kennedy
[[John F. Kennedy Black Ops|250px]]
John F. Kennedy
Vital statistics
Title John F. Kennedy
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction United States of America
Health --
Level "Five"
Status Deceased as of November 22, 1963
Location Pentagon

John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy (abbreviated JFK, callsign "Lancer") is a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops. In the mission U.S.D.D., he speaks personally to Mason inside the Pentagon, and is a playable character in the Nazi Zombies map "Five".

Both Jim Meskimen and Chriss Anglin provide the voice of John F. Kennedy.
John F. Kennedy Black Ops


  • In the cutscene preceding "Five", John F. Kennedy says the word "Zombie" rather casually in response to the attack. This may imply that he has already had previous encounters with the undead or he already knows about the Zombies. This may also make fun of the fact that characters in zombie movies do not know what zombies are.
  • JFK can be heard in Ascension by holding the use button on a red telephone when it rings. JFK will shout "Need some beans for the chowder here!"

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