256px-KAP-40 Menu Icon BOII

The KAP-40 is weapon avaible on all Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is only avaible through the Mystery Box. It deals weak damage, has a poor ammo count, and has high recoil. It only can be used with getting points. If the player can make a large number of headshots with it (wich can be difficult, due to its high recoil), it can be useable on the earlier rounds. Double Tap II can be usefull, but it increases recoil, so the player can get some serious problems with it when trying to make headshots with it. 

When Pack-a-Punching, it becomes the Karmic Atom Perforator 4000. It has increased damage and more ammo. Even when Pack-a-Punched, getting kills can be hard on the later rounds. 

In Turned, it is the fifth weapon. 

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