Template:Weapon  The LSAT (Which is a pun on the word Last) is a fully automatic LMG with 100 bullets per magazine, with fairly high power all the way to 13 without pack a punching. It is available from the mystery box on Nuketown zombies and Mob Of The Dead you can buy it in Buried on the wall for 2000 points. You will notice on the left side is a red LED display of the ammunition left in the belt. i


The FSIRT (Which is a pun on the word First) is the Pack-A-Punched version of the LSAT gaining more ammo in a belt and outside. It gains a damage boost, and higher rate of fire. Pack-a-Punching it multiple times can make you cycle through the Reflex, ACOG, EOTech, and Grip attachments.

Trivia Edit

The LSAT is the 2nd LMG to purchased off the wall with the 1st one being the FG42

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