"Takeo does not like to be flung!" - Takeo, after being launched by a Launch Pad. 

Launch pads

A flying Player nearing a Launch Pad

Launch Pads are flashing yellow pads that appear in the Biodome section of Moon. The Launch Pads, when working, and flashing bright Yellow. However, when the Launch Pads are not currently on, they will instead be dark grey. They switch from off to on every 30 seconds (estimate) Stepping on an activated Launch Pad will send the player flying to the next one, and then to the next one, until finally the player lands on a matress which prevents fall damage. Players can be launched when proned, but will be crouched after launch. Players can walk off of a Launch Pad they are sent to quickly by running to the edge of it short after landing, but since most Launch Pads are high in the air, the Player will likely go down. This can however be prevented by purchasing PhD Flopper, which makes it so the Player can not take any fall damage. Players will also not be hurt by falling off of a Launch Pad if there is no gravity in the Biodome. The only way to lose gravity in the Biodome is to let an Excavator dig into it, which only breaks the roof. Most players will usually let it Excavate the Biodome, for that makes it impossible to take fall damage without needing to purchase PhD Flopper. At certain times, Power-up will appear next to a Launch Pad high in the air, and the only way to grab it would to be walking off the edge of the Launch Pad and grabbing it, which, without PhD Flopper, or if there is gravity, will down the player. The Power-up will change into something different, and change position around the Launch Pad, until it eaither disappears, or is grabbed by a Player. Launch Pads can be a useful way to escape Zombies, for Zombies can not use Launch Pads. It is unknown why. Rarely, a Player can fall from a flying Launch Pad and not be downed by it. Usually this is caused by sliding off of a rock and landing, or landing on a Zombies' head, and sliding off to land. The matress the player will land on are placed by a Mystery Box spawn, and PhD Flopper.  


*It is possible to place a Claymore on a flying Launch Pad.*There is a glitch, where if you dolphin dive short after landing on a flying Launch Pad, you can stay on is without being launched.

*Players can walk off of a Launch Pad and stand directly next to it, yet still be launched.

*The Launch Pads that are flying in the air are always on, to prevent players from being launched up there and be impossible to reach by Zombies.

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