The M.P.D is a pyramid shaped structure with the ability to control the zombies. It is not known if it needs a host or if it can act of it's own accord ( E.G. Samantha Maxis). On it's four sides, it contains canisters which use souls to power the machine, on it's front the Vril Interface, and strange symbols written all over it's steps. It is found in the map Moon.


  • It is used by Edward Richtofen as a final chance to become the ruler of the undead, succeeding.
  • The Vril Interface on the M.P.D's front appears to have a "switch", allowing a being to switch it's spirit with the host on the machine itself. This is exactly what Richtofen did.
  • It may actually require a host to control whatever it is it has power over. This is backed up when the zombies seem to go berserk and uncontrolled when they were first created, but after Samantha Maxis was caught in the M.P.D, the zombies moved in intelligence and packs.

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