The M1919 Browning is available on all Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies levels, but only from the Mystery Box. It is widely considered one of the best guns available in Nazi Zombies. It's comparable to the MG42, but with a slower rate of fire, though this can help save ammo. In Der Riese, it can be upgraded to the "B115 Accelerator" via the Pack-a-Punch Machine. It features a higher rate of fire and more spare ammunition. It is seen as a cursing or blessing type of weapon, as the damage, pen and capacity of ammunition will make it favorable for some players, though the reload time and RoF will cause other players to neglect it. Since this weapon has a long reload time, Speed Cola is often combined with Reload Canceling to make it a good front-line weapon. Double Tap ,for as long as you use this perk, gives one shot two projectiles, saving ammunition and time.