M1 Carbine

M1A1 Carbine

The M1A1 Carbine is available on all the original Nazi Zombies levels. Unlike most semi-automatic rifles, the M1 Carbine remains an effective weapon until round 9, however the magazine capacity will become problematic.

Pack-a-Punched VariantEdit

PaP M1carb

Widdershins RC-1

If you upgrade the M1 Carbine in the Pack-a-Punch Machine in the zombie map Der Riese, the M1 Carbine will become fully automatic, (similar to the M2 variant) and its name becomes the "Widdershins RC-1". Once upgraded, It becomes fairly similar in power to the submachineguns, but with a much greater accuracy. Some players do not recommend the upgrade, due to the fact it's magazine size remains the same and its low power will unaffect the zombies by round 15.