Template:Weapon The M1 Garand is available from the Mystery Box in all WAW maps. It isn't the greatest gun, as damage to the head is reduced, making torso shots essential. Like all semi-automatic rifles, it is good up to around level 5, but should be swapped out in favour of a fully automatic weapon such as the Thompson.

M1000 & The ImploderEdit

PaP M7launcher
PaP M1garand
When you use the Pack-A-Punch Machine with the Garand in Der Riese, the gun is upgraded to the "M1000". The Rifle Grenade variant is upgraded to "The Imploder".


  • It is the only weapon in Nazi Zombies to have a grenade launcher besides the M16, MTAR, and the HAMR, after multiple buys.
  • If the M1 Garand is Pack-a-Punched while the player is still in Rifle Grenade mode, the Pack-a-Punched Rifle Grenade's name will override the actual M1 Garand's Pack-a-Punched name. So, the player's M1 Garand will also be called "The Imploder" instead of "M1000."