The MP5 is a sub machine gun available in every map except for Origins in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Its other variant, the MP5K, is obtainable throughout Call of Duty: Black Ops zombies; both weapons share the same stats, except for recoil, and price. The MP5 also shares the same Pack-a-Punch name as the MP5, 'MP115 Kollider'. The weapon costs 1000 points to be bought off the wall and its ammo can be bought for 500 points.

MP115 KolliderEdit

When Pack-A-Punched, it becomes the MP115 Kollider. It adds more damage, and more ammo. It can not be Pack-a-Punched more than once, but ammo can be purchased off of the wall on all maps where it is available, making a semi-effective weapon to hold onto even in the high rounds.


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