Map Pack 3 of Call of Duty: World at War is the third and final Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for the game. It is available at the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft (MS) Points, $9.99/£7.99/€9.99 at the PlayStation Store, and for free on PC. It contains 3 Multiplayer maps and 1 Zombies map.

Contents Edit

Multiplayer MapsEdit

Battery Edit

Battery is one of the few maps where all types of weapon are a good choice. The openness of the map promotes sniping, and conversely, the close-quarters aspect of the map promotes SMGs and Shotguns. Machine guns are able to cover the medium-long distances, and so are rifles.

Breach Edit

This map is a medium sized map with several buildings and is set in the Nazi occupied streets of Berlin around the Brandenburg Gate. In the middle of the map, it is fairly open therefore giving quite a lot of exposure to the player. To the sides there are many buildings in which one can enter and they provide great sniping positions and hiding places.

Revolution Edit

Some sections of the map are similar to the campaign level "Vendetta", where the player escapes the burning building and eventually snipes Heinrich Amsel. This shows the map is set in Stalingrad. It is also rather ironically centered around a vodka distillery, and there are several posters around the map advertising it.

Zombies MapEdit

Der Riese Edit

Der Riese is a medium sized Zombie map and it introduces Pack-a-Punch and the Teleporters. Perk-a-Cola return as well as the moveable Mystery Box. The Bowie Knife and Monkey Bombs are introduced, with the Wunderwaffe DG-2 returning as the map's main Wonder Weapon. Hellhounds also return as the map's boss, also spawning in alongside Zombies after round 20. The faction is the Original Characters.

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