The Marshal 16 is a single-shot Pistol in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, on the map Zetsubou No Shima.

Overview Edit

This weapon can be bought as a Mystery Box Weapon in Zetsubou No Shima.

This weapon acts very similarly to the Executioner from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, with the damage similar (due to the shots being spread like a shotgun's) and reload. This weapon comes with the Duel-Wield and Fast Mags attachments. This would be very great in close-quarter combat and good at the low-middle rounds.

Perun & Veles Edit

When Pack-a-Punched, this weapon becomes the Perun & Veles, which includes higher damage, more reserve ammo, and a camouflage.

Marshal 16 Perun & Veles
Damage 50-98 (+ 2(x16)) {{{papdamage}}}
Fire mode Single Shot (2-round stack) Semi-Automatic (2-round stack)
Magazine size 2 + 2 shells 6 + 6 shells
Max ammo 2+2/152 6+6/230
Reload 1.95 seconds 1.95 seconds
Mobility Very High Very High
Extras Higher damage, more reserve ammo, camouflage

References Edit

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