Matryoshka Dolls are Wonder Weapons and Tactical Grenades in Zombies mode and can be bought in Ascension and Call of the Dead.

Overview Edit

They can be obtained only from the Mystery Box. The first grenade detonates, which sends out three more genades, powerful enough to clear an area of zombies. They are essential to the easter egg on Ascension.
Ascension matryoshka

Getting the Matryoshka Doll from the Mystery Box.

Original Characters Easter EggEdit

There are four other Matryoshka Dolls scattered around the map. They can be interacted with and will talk to the player. Here are all of the Matryoshka Doll locations:

  • Dempsey's Matryoshka Doll can be found on some flamming barrels, next to the Claymores.
  • Nikolai's Matryoshka Doll can be found in the room with the M16, next to Speed Cola.
  • Takeo's Matryoshka Doll can be found on the shelf next to PhD Flopper.
  • Ritchofen's Matryoshka Doll can be found on the table after entering the room with the Stakeout.


  • The dolls on the inside are painted as the four original characters.
  • There are more matryoshka dolls scattered around Ascension, if interacted with they will say something depending on player. There is one for each player.
    • When Richtofen interacts with one, it may remind him of his sister, as he would always smash her dolls to make her cry.
  • Nikolai's sister plays with these dolls.