Max Ammo, s
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Max Ammo Power-Up

hort for Maximum Ammunition, is Power-Up that can be obtained in all Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies maps except Dead Ops Arcade.


Max Ammo will always replenish all the ammunition you have in your reserve ammunition. In Shi No Numa and Der Riese, Max Ammo replenishes primary and secondary grenades (Molotov Cocktails and Monkey Bombs) as well as Bouncing Betties if the user has one Bouncing Betty left (although it will not refill them if you have none left). However, the Max Ammo does not refill the magazine, so it's a good idea to reload before picking it up. On Nacht Der Untoten(waw only) it will replenish ammo on a downed ally but when back on their feet,their ammo count is still the same as before they went down.

Obtaining Max AmmoEdit

  • Killing a zombie (may randomly drop any power up).
  • Linking a teleporter in Der Riese (may randomly drop any power up).
  • Teleporting in Der Riese (may randomly drop any power up).
  • After a Hellhound round. (Always)
  • Occasionally in the random rooms after teleporting on Kino der Toten (very rare)
  • After killing the Thief in "Five". (Always).
  • After a Space Monkey round. (Always)
  • Hacking a Power-Up on Moon.
  • On Origins, if you kill all the Crusader Knight zombies that attack the generators, you will obtain a Max Ammo
  • If you kill the Crusader Knights while they are moving from one generator to the other, you will not get a Max Ammo


Max Ammo's icon is a .50 caliber ammo box with a machine gun belt overflowing from it. Its color is yellow/golden, with a green aura surrounding it.