"Take my advice, and don't gamble what you can't afford to lose!"
―Michael "Finn" O'Leary

Michael O'Leary, commonly known as Finn, is a character in Mob of the Dead, and is a prisoner on Alcatraz Island. 


Michael O'Leary, pre-Alcatraz, was a gambler, and was convicted of sixteen counts of gambling fraud, after being testified against by his own wife, Angelina Bow, who was a silent film actress. This was what led to his inprisonment. 

He, along with his fellow prisoners, attempted to break free from Alcatraz, only for him to be eaten and devoured by the zombies second, after they pinned him against the wall, sending him to the Afterlife. 

In reality, Albert Arlington's plan to escape the prison never happened, as Finn, Sal, and Billy lured him onto the roof, and shot him, leaving him to die. The three prisoners were sentenced to death on January 19, 1934. When the players learn the truth about Arlington, they decide to turn on him, leaving Weasel to turn onto them. Whether the Weasel dies, or the three mobsters die, is the player's choice. 


  • Finn's origins are Irish-American, commonly referenced throughout his quotes.
  • To pay for his gambling he became a contract killer for Salvadors mob.

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