The NX ShadowClaw (formerly called the NX Phantom) is a semi-automatic Special Weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, on the map Gorod Krovi.

Overview Edit

This weapon can be bought as a Mystery Box Weapon in Gorod Krovi.

This weapon comes with Silencer and Duel-Wield by default and although it has fairly low damage on the body, it has a great damage multiplier on the head, giving a one-shot on the head until round 17. This also has a relatively high ammo count and very great accuracy.

Apollo's Fervor Edit

When Pack-a-Punched, this weapon becomes the Apollo's Fervor, with higher damage, more reserve ammo, the ability to revive other players when shot, and a chance of an explosive effect per shot.

NX ShadowClaw Apollo's Fervor
Damage 300-2550 1050-4650
Fire mode Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic
Rate of fire 200 RPM 200 RPM
Magazine size 6 12
Max ammo 6+6/126 12+12/156
Mobility Very High Very High
Extras Higher damage, More reserve ammo, Revival of players when shot, Potential explosive shot, Camouflage
Possible Attachments Duel-Wield, Silencer

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