The Nav-card tables apper in Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried and are required to achieve the endgame for Maxis or Richtofen depending on the easter eggs completed.

The Nav-cards are set up as follows :

  • Tranzit-Gives player Nav-card for Die Rise and has Nav-card table for Buried's Nav-card 
  • Die Rise -Gives players Nav-card for Buried and has Nav-card table for Tranzit's Nav-card
  • Buried - Gives players Nav-card for Tranzit and has Nav-card table for Die Rise's Nav-card

Where to find the Nav-cardsEdit

  • Tranzit -Apon exiting the bus depot run to the left and walk on the small bit of path next to the lava to get behind the bus depot. once there move to the middle and you will find the navcard 
  • Die Rise - Arrive in the room with th PDW-57 and move towards the counters. The Navcard in in front of the middle counter.
  • Buried- From the maze enter the witches house, on the stair case find the room with the fallen bookcase.The Navcard is located in front of the bookcase.LOOK OUT FOR THE WITCH SPAWN

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