The Nuke, also known as Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Bomb or simply Bomb, is a Power-Up that can be obtained on all the Call of Duty: World at War a,Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II' Nazi Zombies maps.


The Nuke will kill any zombies that are currently on the map however, in Call of the Dead, the nuke cannot kill George Romero. All players who aren't down or dead will recieve 400 points on all maps minus the orginal Nacht der Untoten and Dead Ops Arcade.

Dead Ops ArcadeEdit

Unlike in the other maps, the Nuke does not kill every zombie currently on the map. It only kills the zombies within a radius of the player that calls it in. Also, it can be dropped by dead zombies, but can only be activated by the player that collects it.

Obtaining the NukeEdit

The Nuke is given out randomly in all Nazi Zombies maps, after a zombie has been killed it will drop or after players use a Teleporter. Some players predict when Nukes are going to be dropped.


The Nuke, like most other power-ups, is a yellow/golden shade of green. Its symbol is a bomb (to indicate that it is a nuclear bomb). On the Wii, however, the nuke as well as all the other power ups, are a duller shade of gold than on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


  • Players that are downed while the Nuke is taken will not receive the 400 points.
  • In the DS version, the Nuke will kill all of the Zombies, ending the entire round, regardless of how many have spawned.