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""Mass-energy equivalence, secret tests, crash-landing perks. Survive in the iconic Nuketown, where the past and the future come together.""
―Official Map Description

Nuketown Zombies is a Zombie's Map for Black Ops II, and is available for players who purchased the Hardened/Prestige Editions, Season Pass, or purchased it individually. It is set in the iconic Nuketown, which has been destroyed by the Nuclear bomb at the end of the Multiplayer Match. It takes place simultaneously with Moon, as when the players reach wave 25, the Demonic Announcer will change from Samantha Maxis to Edward Richtofen, and the eyes of the undead will turn from yellow to blue. An Air Raid siren will sound when Perks-a-Cola machines or Pack-A-Punch Machine will fall from the sky, raining down from the Nuclear Mushroom cloud to spawn randomly across the map. Falls of these machines can kill nearby zombies. The iconic Nuketown sign population counter and Clock tower tell you how many zombies are left to kill before change the Power-Up behind a door to open with 3000 points in yellow house's garden.