The PTRS-41 is a semi-automatic Bolt-Action Rifle in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Zombies.

Overview Edit

The PTRS-41 is a Russian anti-tank rifle that appears in Nacht der Untoten, Zombie Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese. It is the only sniper rifle available in Verrückt, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese. It is a very powerful weapon, being capable of a one-shot kill even in the higher rounds. It should only be used if the user is covered, otherwise it becomes easy for zombies to overwhelm the player. Accuracy is also another advantage of this weapon.

While having a scope in World at War, the Zombies version uses Iron Sights instead, due to the lack of Scopes.

The PenetratorEdit

When the PTRS-41 is placed in the Pack-a-Punch Machine in Der Riese it is turned into The Penetrator and gains 8 rounds per magazine. However, since it is already a very powerful weapon, the upgrade is practically no different other than higher penetration.

PTRS-41 The Penetrator
400px-Ptrs 5 PaP PTRS
Damage 1000 1000
Fire mode Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Rate of fire 75 RPM 75 RPM
Magazine size 5 rounds 8 rounds
Max ammo 5/60 8/60
Reload 4 sec. (loaded)
5.3 sec. (unloaded)
4 sec. (loaded)
5.3 sec. (unloaded)
Mobility Low Low
Extras * Larger magazine (Extended Mag)
  • Higher bullet penetration (5 instead of 3 Zombies)

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being classified as a "Bolt-Action Rifle," the PTRS-41's fire mode is Semi-Automatic.